Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Health and safety is a critical priority for Castleoak, embedded deep into our corporate behaviour and culture. Personal responsibility and accountability is held at every level, and health and safety matters are considered, monitored and reviewed at every project stage, from design to handover. We constantly strive to achieve best practice in line with industry standards and HSE guidance, always aiming to perform better than the industry average and to be fully compliant with all legislation. 

We are consistently ranked as “very good” or "excellent" and meet our target of scoring below the national all-builder average - where the lower the score, the better the health and safety performance.

Safety Behaviour and Culture

Our culture towards health and safety can be described as proactive not reactive, preventive not passive. We adopt a ‘hearts and minds’ approach with a genuine concern and respect for health and safety. Our procedure comprises Plan, Do, Check, Act, Review. And our zero tolerance towards injury is reflected in our health and safety rules and procedures.

We maintain an ongoing database on accidents and incidents, monitored and managed by our Head of Construction and Health and Safety Manager. Where appropriate we send “Safety Alert” updates across the business to raise awareness of an event that has happened to prevent recurrence.

Operational approach

Our Construction Managers are given comprehensive, ongoing and relevant training and support to ensure they strive for incident and injury free sites and are able to achieve the highest standards of health and safety on site. 

We have both the in-house expertise of our Health and Safety Manager, and the NHBC to support our project teams in effectively managing health and safety. Everyone on site is inducted by the Construction Manager prior to commencing work.

Our focus and actions are not just on safety but also on the health of those who work on our sites. As well as occupational health, this includes everyday wellbeing, such as general health, healthy eating and exercise.