• Castleoak

Castleoak joins £4bn DPS to partner with the public sector in meeting housing and care needs

Westworks is appointing Castleoak to partner with the public sector in meeting social housing, housing with care and care home needs as part of its development and construction dynamic purchasing system (DPS).

The Cabinet Office-backed DPS comprises of 60+ public sector members across England and Wales, from local authorities to housing associations, with a projected spend of £4bn.

Castleoak joins the framework with the unique flexibility to partner on projects end-to-end, from sharing market insight, finding sites and assessing project feasibility at the development phase, through to design and build of homes, and even supply from its offsite manufacturing facility, which specialises in modern methods of construction.

Castleoak has joined as a partner for projects valued between £1.5m and £4.5m+.

Paul Foster, Chair of Castleoak, says: “We genuinely believe that the built environment can have a significant impact on people’s health, wellbeing and fulfilment, and never more than in the social housing, later living and housing with care sectors.

“While we work in the built environment, we consider ourselves very much a part of the sectors we specialise in and share and respect the social, environmental and financial goals and challenges experienced by our customers. That’s why partnerships are incredibly important to us and we’re looking forward to making many more through the Westworks Development and Construction DPS.”