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Latest Government advice: staying safe and operational

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We’re continuing to follow Government advice on Covid-19 and are keeping our sites and factory safely operational.

Last night, as most of the country was urged to stay at home, and with further clarification this morning, it is clear that our sector is currently seen as essential by Government. 

Significantly, our teams do not travel via public transport, unlike most working on sites in London, where it is causing concern for construction companies and workers and therefore site closures. Equally, the housing sector is electing to close sites as the market has inevitably come to an abrupt hiatus.

For the moment, our absolute priority remains to ensure everything we can possibly do to keep everyone safe as they work on our sites and in the factory to deliver for customers.

Very welcome, specific guidance on Site Operating Procedures for construction sites, was issued late yesterday by industry body, the Construction Leadership Council.  While we already have most measures in place, including social distancing and self-isolation protocols, as well as extended, strict hygiene and cleaning regimes, we have today been reviewing all sites against these to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect teams.

At our factory, social distancing and self-isolation protocols are in place, as are extended, strict hygiene and cleaning regimes.

We’ve also been talking to customers, who are keen to see work on site and at the factory continue, as they need their projects delivered. The sectors we work in - including housing as well as care, in the case of the factory - remain both in critical need of further facilities and vitally important for both social and economic reasons.


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